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Off-Ramp Recommendation: Scientists needed! Giant ants invade Union Station Friday night!

In the 1954 sci-fi film
In the 1954 sci-fi film "Them!" ants are killing a lot more than just the vibe
Warner Bros

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Let's face it. Ants are nobody's favorite. They ruin summer picnics, sneak under the door to steal your crumbs, and are... HUGE?! In 1954 sci-fi film "Them!" ants are gigantic, radioactive, flesh-eating, and coming directly for you!

Friday night, as part of the Metro Art series, Union Station is screening the second film in its "Sci-Fi at Union Station" series. It's the 1954 sci-fi classic "Them!" LA Times entertainment reporter and classic Hollywood expert Susan King will provide a background on the film and its historical significance to both the sci-fi genre and LA.

Watch the trailer for "Them!" ... if you dare

Director Gordon Douglas helped created the nuclear monster genre with "Them!" and due to its campy horror, the movie has become a cult-classic. "Them!" follows the creation and subsequent terror of carnivorous insects and their pursuit of film stars James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, and Joan Weldon. The film culminates in a battle scene set in our very own city, featuring shots of beautiful Union Station, LA's neighborhoods, and storm drains.

Giant ants in LA storm drains
Giant ants in LA storm drains
Warner Bros

The movie is extra-notable for two reasons:

1. It's one of the rare sci-fi movies in which the politicians believe the scientists THE FIRST TIME. "Hey, you say there are giant radioactive ants menacing the populace? We'll get right on that. And thanks, scientists!"

2. "Them!" also includes an early appearance by Leonard Nimoy:

Leonard Nimoy in
Leonard Nimoy in "Them!" (1954)
Warner Bros

This is a totally free event and seating is first-come, first-serve. The screening begins Friday night at 8:30 (doors open at 8p) on the station's north patio.