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Off-Ramp's Song of the Week salutes songwriter Mac Davis on his 75th birthday

Mac Davis at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Concert 2010
Mac Davis at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Concert 2010
Carol M. Highsmith/Wikipedia Commons

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Usually, Off-Ramp's Song of the Week features a local act, or a national act playing a cool local gig. But this time, we want to help blow out the 75 candles on the cake of a musician whose outsized personality overshadows the quality of his songwriting.

Mac Davis was born on January 21, 1942 in Lubbock, Texas. His fame began as a songwriter, and when he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the Grammy Museum at LA Live, he played three songs he wrote for Elvis: "Memories," his first hit, "A Little Less Conversation," and "In the Ghetto."

Listen to the audio player to hear him sing those songs, and to hear another great songwriter, Paul Williams, talk with Davis about writing "In the Ghetto," which was deemed "too political" for Elvis to sing. Thankfully, Elvis didn't listen. The conversation was recorded in 2010 when the SHOF opened at LA Live.

Davis went on to become a recording artist himself, with songs like "Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me," "One Hell of a Woman," and my personal favorite: "It's Hard To Be Humble." He also did a lot of acting, hosted his own TV variety show, and played at one of Reagan's inaugural galas.

So, Happy 75th Birthday, Mac Davis, and thanks for all the music!