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SantaCon LA: 5 questions for a very grumpy Christmas elf

"Sugar PoleNorth" browses through a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters outside of the Sneaky Tiki in Long Beach.
Jesus Ambrosio

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SantaCon is back. The annual holiday themed pub crawl happens all across the country around this time of year, and hits LA Saturday. The goal is to drink (a lot), be loud, obnoxious, and jolly, and all while wearing your best Santa beard and suit.

But even some of Santa’s elves make their way to the con, despite this being a very busy time of year. We talked with an elf named Sugar PoleNorth about what it’s like to work at the North Pole.

On the living wage:

"Right now I’m at like three sugar cookies an hour, but I’m working up to get paid a reindeer a week. You can get paid in anything at the North Pole."

On Christmas sweaters:

"I don’t know why people wear Christmas sweaters in Southern California… it’s not like negative 20 degrees; it’s in the 70s right now and people are still buying sweaters."

On visiting Southern California:

"I’m trying to get out of the Pole before, you know, it explodes. We got a couple weeks before Christmas so I am taking my break now. I’m actually buying Christmas presents ... I don’t want to make them because that’s what I do for a living."

On Santa Claus:

"I work there 17 ½ hours a day. I have never seen the guy. I see a flash of white sometimes. I hear his boots, but that could be anybody. 

Ever thought of forming an elf union?

"Listen man, us making gifts and him delivering has been going on for thousands of years. All I’m going to say is that you can’t really fight the power. Christmas is way too big, it's bigger than all of us. It’s bigger than Santa."

SantaCon will take place in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, December 10. The starting location of the crawl is not disclosed until the day of the event. So to find out, visit their Facebook or Twitter. And if you see Sugar PoleNorth, slip her some cash.