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Song of the week: "The Ruins" by: Phillip Glass

photo courtesy of L.A. Opera

This week's song of the week comes from Philip Glass. It's Act 3 Scene 3 of his opera Akhenaten, which is being staged by LA Opera.

Here's the Opera's synopsis: In ancient Egypt, Akhnaten ascends to the throne along with his bride Nefertiti. He has a vision for his people, a vision that abandons the worship of many gods for just one: the Sun God who reigns supreme. Akhnaten's bold attempt to alter the course of history with a single revolutionary idea ultimately leads to his violent overthrow. I would have said, "spoiler alert" but it's opera. It always ends badly.

Akhnaten has one more performance at LA Opera on November 27. It's sold out, but who knows? Tickets might free up closer to the day.