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Play "Yachtify it!" with LA band Harbor Party

The self-described
The self-described "yacht rock" band Harbor Party performs during Off-Ramp's 10th Anniversary special at the Los Angeles Theater Center in Downtown LA
Bill Youngblood/KPCC

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Two years ago, my friends and I went to Rockwell in Los Feliz to see Allen Mezquida play with Molly Ringwald, and I stuck around for the second act. They were Harbor Party, and they were playing the songs I grew up with, and that I played on the radio when I was a DJ.

I interviewed their lead singer that night and played the interview that weekend on Off-Ramp. And here they are two years later, helping us celebrate ten years on the air. I talked with Harbor Party’s Landon Beard and Jack Kovacks. What is yacht rock?

"From a musical standpoint, it's removing any dissonance and replacing it with some phasers, and background harmonies, and the falsetto, and just all around good vibes," says Harbor Party's Jack Kovacs. 

Here's their rendition of the Doobie Brothers' 1979 classic "What a Fool Believes:"


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