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Help KPCC's Steve Julian by ... eating a sandwich!

Peter Lemos at the Wax Paper sandwich shop in LA's Frogtown neighborhood.
Peter Lemos at the Wax Paper sandwich shop in LA's Frogtown neighborhood.
John Rabe

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The silver lining in the news that KPCC Morning Edition host Steve Julian is battling brain cancer is the outpouring of good will that is buoying Steve and his wife Felicia in this really tough time.

Financial donations to cover his medical costs are pouring in at Give Forward from Steve's friends and colleagues, but now you can also help Steve by simply buying a sandwich.

In the Frogtown neighborhood of Northeast LA, there's a little sandwich shop named Wax Paper whose menu looks like a Who's Who of public radio - they've got sandwiches named for Larry Mantle, Kai Ryssdal, Ira Glass, and Lakshmi Singh.

Now, there's the "Steve Julian," and half the price of every sandwich will go to his medical care.

The Steve Julian
The Steve Julian
Lauren Lemos

And how appropriate! As Felicia writes, "One of Steve's favorite foods is a well crafted sandwich ... When he has a good sandwich, his eyes roll back in his head and he nods as though agreeing with some unheard response to a question about the meaning of life.  He can find God in a sandwich."

The Steve Julian is smoked pork loin, jalapeno vinaigrette, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro, and bacon fat miso aioli.  

Felicia says it perfectly, 'Love is a sandwich. And this one is so very Steve. An umami bomb that will make you say, "Praise the lard!" Huge thanks to Peter and Lauren Lemos for being the best kind of public radio nerds. I don't care if it makes any money. The smile on Steve's face when he heard about this was priceless.'

Our thanks to Peter and Lauren Lemos for their thoughtfulness, and for being such great members of the KPCC family. Click the arrow in the audio player to hear my interview with Peter at the shop this week.