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No Jim Svejda's were harmed in the making of this fundraising spot

A "portable" radio in a LA Public Library archive photo.
LAPL/Security Pacific National Bank Collection

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I have a dream in which all the public radio stations in town collaborate to foil people who turn off a station that's fundraising and switch over to one that isn't.

In my dream, Steve Chiotakis over at KCRW would say on the air, "Hey! If you're listening to us only because KPCC is fundraising, NOT COOL! Get back there and make a pledge!"

Steve Julian would intone, "Hey! You in the car! You can't just listen to us when K-Jazz is trying to get you to pay your fair share! Get back there and make a pledge."

And so on. It's probably against FCC rules, but I can still dream.

And hence,  a little fundraising spot that lets me exercise my inner Svejda.

("But after all, they're British." -- Svejda, always. KUSC)

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