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This Saturday — 12/13/14 — set to be huge for Vegas weddings

A couple getting married at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with the Egyptian theme.
A couple getting married at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with the Egyptian theme.
Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

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For most of us, except for Keith Richard and some newborns, this Saturday is the last sequential date: 12/13/14. The next time it happens will be Jan. 2, 2103 (1/2/3). So as you can imagine, it's a big date for weddings — especially since it falls on Saturday, everyone's favorite wedding day.

And, besides Martha Stewart, who knows more about weddings than Brian Mills? Nobody. Because Mills is not only the general manager of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, but one of their ministers, who might perform your ceremony dressed as Dracula or James Bond.

Mills says the chapel performs four ceremonies at one time, every half hour. Saturday, they're slated to perform 120 weddings. That's  only half the volume they did on 11/11/11, but it'll still be the biggest day of the year. 

"Number one," Mills says, "it makes it easy to remember your anniversary. For some guys, that's a big deal. And I think some people want something quirky or fun about their date."

7/7/7 was big, Mills says, and 8/8/8 is auspicious for many Asians, so it drew a lot of weddings. But even 6/6/6 was popular. "Not only do we do traditional weddings, like everybody else, we're the only themed wedding chapel in the world, so I think I personally did 12 or 13 gothic weddings on 6/6/6, as the Grim Reaper or Dracula."

If you want in on the day, Mills says there are some early morning and late night spots still available. Or you can just sit at home and watch people getting married on their Chapel Cam.