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Matt Sharp on the Rental's first album in 15 years: Return to Alphaville

Matt Sharp, frontman of the Rentals, produced
Matt Sharp, frontman of the Rentals, produced "Lost in Alphaville" with help from members of the Black Keys, Ozma and Lucius.
Brantley Guttierrez/Polyvinyl Records

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In 1994, Matt Sharp was in his mid 20s playing bass in an Los Angles band called Weezer. They’d just recorded their major label debut, and once released the album would quickly become one of the biggest rock records of the 90s:


Sharp stuck with the band for just one more album before he left to focus on his own project—the Rentals. The Rentals 1995 debut—return of the Rentals—is a sunny power pop album that featured a lot of vintage analog keyboards:


The Rentals have put out a steady, solid stream of work since then, and on August 26, their newest album—Lost in Alphaville—comes out on Polyvinyl.  The new record also features contributions from members of the Black Keys, Lucius, and Ozma. 

"Thought of Sound" is a track from the new album:


Off-Ramp Producer Kevin Ferguson talked with Sharp in his home in Los Angeles.

The Rentals are also playing live on September 5 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, and in Pomona on September 7