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Off-Ramp, the only radio show with a sketch artist: Mike Sheehan

Scenes from the Murrieta immigration protest
Scenes from the Murrieta immigration protest
Mike Sheehan

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By now, people are used to the idea of radio shows having websites and needing photographers and videographers. But I believe Off-Ramp is the only show to have a sketch artist.

Mike Sheehan has been sending us his sketchbooks for a couple years now. His most recent set of sketches took us to the immigration protest in Murrieta, but he's also taken us to the Natural History Museum at night ...

The great Shuttle Parade ...

And mobster Bugsy Siegel's Lake Arrowhead casino:

I asked him what he can capture with his pen that a photographer can't capture with their camera. He said it's about slowing down. To sketch, he is forced to sit for 10 to 15 minutes in a  single spot, and everything that's happening around him washes over him and finds its way into his brain, out his pen, and onto the paper. A photographer, he says, doesn't capture mood, nuance, and relationships in the same way.