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A story with bounce: Disney artist catches baby falling from window

Jennifer and Konrad Lightner
Jennifer and Konrad Lightner
Jennifer Lightner

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It was something out of a cartoon, and it even has a Disney ending. 

A Disney animation worker named Konrad Lightner was moving a few things out of his Burbank apartment Sunday, including a box spring. That box spring is key because Lightner and his wife Jenny then noticed a three-year-old boy trying to retrieve some toys thrown out of a third story window.

"We were on the way to the U-Haul," Konrad told us. "We were carrying our box spring from our bed, and when we saw that his leg was coming out and he was about to come down, I threw the box spring down."

The toddler followed soon after.

"He was pretty high so I didn't want to have my body against his and straight-up catch him, so I kinda grabbed him and kinda fell with him a little bit and went into the box spring. When he landed he cried a little bit."

But probably not as hard as the baby's father did when he came down and hugged Lightner, who had just given every parent's nightmare a Hollywood ending.

Lightner, 30, says this experience hasn't scared him and his wife from wanting to have kids in the future.

The baby is fine, and a firefighter who arrived on the scene gave Lightner a medal.

When he's not catching babies falling out of windows, Lightner is a look development artist for Disney. He worked on "Frozen," the hit animated feature, on which he helped make the ice look real. He knows ice ... he studied art at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.