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PHOTO SLIDESHOW: You need a chaperone for the Rose Bowl Flea Market

Abira Ali
Abira Ali
Abira Ali
This is the flammable ashtray Pam Johnson bought for $30.
Abira Ali

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Careful listeners will remember that Off-Ramp contributor Gordon Henderson made a confession a couple weeks ago: when he and his wife go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, they tend buy buy huge, impractical things.

At the end of the segment, announced that we were looking for a chaperone, who could steer Gordon and his family to sound deals, and away from the flim-flammery (rusty penguin ice buckets) their magpie hearts are attracted to.

From the many responses, Gordon picked Pam Johnson, who runs Belle Antiques in Westlake Village. It was a good match, as you can hear.

The group visited the flea market last weekend, and while Gordon and his family were tempted, they held back. In fact, it was Pam bought something she just had to have.

"The chaperone," as Gordon says, "needs a chaperone."