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SKETCHES: Mike Sheehan's grand drawings of downtown LA's Grand Park

Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan
Mike Sheehan

Off-Ramp likes it that not only does the web offer unparalleled new opportunities for photographers, but also a place for artists like Mike Sheehan to interpret Southern California. He's watched the Endeavour parade, toured the city on Election Day, and now visits Grand Park, one of downtown LA's latest success stories.

Grand Park will be happy to know that it's getting generally positive reviews on Yelp!, with 4 of 5 stars:

Craig R: Sadly, most (of the) places to sit are out in the open with almost zero shade ... There's also a spectacular, giant water fountain in the park that's particularly beautiful at night because the water changes colors ... Because the park is so new its spotless. How long that will last, who knows ... I could honestly see myself coming here a lot more if the parking wasn't so ridiculously pricey.

Les S: There are no BBQ pits.

Christine A: It's an exceptional green patch with an immense fountain, surrounded by many of L.A.'s iconic buildings. Grand Park is much more spacious than when it was known as the Civic Center's "sunken gardens." It's great standing down the hill and looking up at Grand Park's Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain with the Peace on Earth Fountain across Grand in the Music Center behind it. The 1960s Department of Water and Power building stands in the background of the two.

Robert A: If you're looking for the next Central Park (a la NYC), you're setting yourself up for disappointment. But if you're looking for a clean, spacious area that is dog friendly, has lots of potential for community events (i.e. Park Your Politics) and has a Starbucks, a pretty cool fountain and clean restrooms, then you're in for a treat!

Josh C: Los Angeles finally decided to turn an open space in downtown into something OTHER than a parking lot.