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Eat-LA: Pizza, Underground Restaurants, and the Best Chinese Food

Colleen Bates writes from Italy,
Colleen Bates writes from Italy, "I just made this pizza at a restaurant on the beach in Positano. Sending it case you want to post it." In case we want to post it ... or eat it? Nice work on vacation, Colleen. Have fun and see you when you get back.
Colleen Bates

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Colleen Bates hosts another episode of EatLA, checking out a Neapolitan pizza joint and talking with LA Magazine's (James Beard Award-winning) Patric Kuh about the top Chinese restaurants in LA. Plus, Jenn Garbee on the problem with "underground" restaurants.

The first (TOP) audio file is this week's EAT:LA segment. The second (BOTTOM) segment is the full, lightly-edited interview between Patric Kuh and Colleen Bates.