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MySinglePeeps.com - New Matchmaking Site With No Lies from the Single Peeps

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Seth Menachem is a new world Shadchen, an actor, writer, filmmaker, and blogger beleaguered by his single friends to find them mates. So, as he tells Off-Ramp host John Rabe, he started MySinglePeeps.com.

My friend Seth Menachem is many things. Husband, father, actor, and now matchmaker.


In his new online venture, My Single Peeps, Seth profiles his single friends, like Lior ...

Lior wears old man sweaters.  I feel like that's the kind of thing I should just get out of the way as fast as possible because it's the first thing a girl would notice if she went on a date with him.  They're usually pretty expensive sweaters... just not particularly hip.  

... and Ali ...

 I could tell you that Ali was the most irksome person on the planet and you'd still write her and ask her out.  Because all you'd care about is the chance to see her boobs.  Because she's hot.

And then, when emails of interest come in, Seth forwards them to the profiled party.

Many of my friends are single. They like to complain to me about how hard it is to find someone to love ... This is my way of trying to get them off of my back. They don't know I'm doing this. When they find out they will probably be really annoyed. Then they will laugh. Then they will ask me to show them pictures of the people who wrote to them.

I like that he's balanced about their good and bad points ... like Ameenah:

She's opinionated, and is not fearful to speak her mind. She's really serious about what she does and tends to use terms like, "My craft," when referring to acting.  

For my money, the most intriguing guy on My Single Peeps (and I'm not looking, Julian) is Schmuly ...

... but you'll have to go to My Single Peeps to find out why -- I'm betting -- he'll be the first Peep to be married.