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Photographer Vince Gonzales gives new life to vintage film equipment

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(UPDATE: Vince has just opened a show at the Pickford Center that focuses on film projectors, and includes not just photos, but the vintage equipment itself. Check the link for details.) You can debate the merits of film versus digital (feel free, in the comments section below), but nothing beats the look of the old movie cameras, tripods, editing stations ... as photographer Vince Gonzales has discovered. Off-Ramp host John Rabe talked with Gonzales at a photo shoot at USC's film school.

COME INSIDE to see the photo Vince took of a beautiful old Arriflex especially for Off-Ramp ... and look one item down to see who John met during the shoot -- a man who worked on one of the best films of the century. (Image: Vince Gonzales)