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Brian May (Queen guitarist) has a 3D photo obsession and a new book

Brian May, Elena Vidal - coauthors of
Brian May, Elena Vidal - coauthors of "A Village Lost and Found," with KPCC's John Rabe.
Joel Stein

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UPDATE: Brian May will be speaking at the National Stereoscopic Association's 38th annual convention, which will be held July 25-30, 2012, in Costa Mesa, California.

Brian May and Elena Vidal have just published the first complete book of TR Williams's c. 1850 photos of an English village. But these aren't just any photos ... they're stereo cards, and Williams was a master of the art. "A Village Lost and Found" is the culmination of forty years of longing for May, the guitarist for Queen.

Here's the short version of the interview, and for true stereo(photo)files, the long version we released as a podcast Monday.