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Rabe reviews iPhone app, unveils new art prank

Be part of an international art conspiracy that could rock the foundations of Western Civilization. Come inside for details.

I’ve been busy exploring a new app on my iPhone. It’s the Hipstamatic, and it degrades the quality of the iPhone’s camera.

When any joker (like me) with a digital camera can take beautiful shots, the photos we used to make with old cheap cameras now have a certain charm. But now you don’t have to buy a funky Soviet-style camera at Urban Outfitters, and go to the trouble of having the film processed and printed, or search out an old Instamatic and film.

With the Hipstamatic and its interchangeable virtual lenses, films, flashes, and gels, you can take black-and-white photos with a fake date at the bottom:

And you can add a glow to color shots – making even the impossibly handsome Connor the Dog look better:

So equipped, my plan is to go around Los Angeles and take shots of old looking stuff, then post the results, claiming I found the photos in a box in an attic, or at a flea market. We’ll see if it goes anywhere. You, as savvy John Rabe blog readers, will know it’s a prank, and will perhaps think of ways to aid and abet my efforts. (This is an invitation.) Maybe we need a code word? Please try to work the word “Swordfish” into whatever you do, and that’ll tell everyone else you’re in on the joke.