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The father of Virtual Reality Jaron Lanier takes on Web 2.0

CyberFrequencies.com: We bring you life on the Web.
CyberFrequencies.com: We bring you life on the Web.
Michael Uhlenkott

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Jaron Lanier's book "You Are Not A Gadget: A Manifesto" is all the buzz on the web this week.

Lanier takes on what's become conventional wisdom about Web 2.0. You know that Facebook, My Space and YouTube, Blogspot... are celebrating the individual.

We don't need a TV deal, we have YouTube.

Facebook tells you who I am!

And when individuals submit everything they know? The collective knowledge is perfect knowledge.

CyberFrequencies been guilty of promoting this point of view but Lanier spins out a dystopic future.

Web 2.0 rests on the ideology that the universe is made of computations and we, the people, need to keep feeding information to Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. The final quest? Eternal life.

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