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Cranky Flier explains why airplane tickets are so hard to purchase

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Say you want to buy an airline ticket. You can go to an airline site, or a travel site like Expedia. The process is usually frustrating, and in the end, you often have the feeling maybe you didn't get the best deal.

Airlines say the current reservation system, largely controlled by three big companies, prevents them from giving consumers the options they want. Not surprisingly, those three big companies disagree. But maybe we can all agree on this, booking a ticket ought to be easier, and not leave you feeling so ... cranky.

Which is why we've invited the Cranky Flier to talk with us about why booking an airline ticket is such a pain. The Cranky Flier is actually Brett Snyder, who writes about airline travel from a passenger's perspective.


Brett Snyder, writes about airline travel at Cranky Flier