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“Awesome/Not Awesome” with Luke Burbank: Hey it’s Face Guy!

Jack Blankenship prepares for his New York debut.
Jack Blankenship prepares for his New York debut.
twitter/jack_____enship (Jackson Blankenship)

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Luke Burbank, host of the podcast 'Too Beautiful to Live,' joins Madeleine to talk about the politics of the Slope Park food co-op and a face that's gone viral.

Jack Blankenship, a freshman at the University of Alabama, took his bug-eyed sneer with accompanying cardboard cut-out, to basketball games to distract the opposing teams. It has been making the rounds on the internet after appearing on an ESPN broadcast of Alabama basketball.

Riding high on his new found fame, he made his way to a New York Knicks game to distract the New Jersey Nets' players.

And at the Park Slope food co-op in New York, members are going to vote on whether to ban products from Israel because people disagree with country's politics.

Madeleine speaks from personal experience when she calls the co-op, "the last remaining vestige of a totalitarian communist state."

Because, no matter how famous you are, or how much money you have, you have to work your mandatory volunteer hours.

Listen to the full interview to get an idea of what she's talking about.