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New Music Tuesday with Drew Tewksbury: The hiddens sounds of Alex Chilton and punk beats from Howler

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In this week's New Music Tuesday, a new album reveals never before heard sounds from Alex Chilton, the former front man of the Sixties band, the Box Tops. Chilton left the group in 1970 before forming the soulful rock band, Big Star. But in the year in between, Chilton rolled solo, producing a series of dreamy rock sounds, country tunes, funk jams and James Brown covers that are now available for the first time on the album, "Free Again: The 1970 Sessions."

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From hidden '70s gems to present day punk, Minneapolis based band, Howler's debut album is out today. "America Give Up" is packed full of noisy punk bursts and warped beach tunes coupled with grimy guitars, driving drums and the slightly snotty baritone of 19-year-old front man Jordan Gatesmith. As Drew says, Howler marks "an ecstatic return of rock in a music world that's gone pop."

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