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The Madeleine Brand Show for January 13, 2012

Can anyone start a super PAC? Comedian Stephen Colbert did.
Can anyone start a super PAC? Comedian Stephen Colbert did.
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The U.S. housing and financial meltdown caught the Fed by surprise, new transcripts reveal. Binyamin Appelbaum, NY Times Washington correspondent, explains. Comedian Stephen Colbert announces a possible GOP presidential bid and hands his Super PAC over to Jon Stewart; can anyone start a Super PAC? ProPublica's Kim Barker has more. Marketplace Tech Report's John Moe checks in. Plus, playwright Anna Deavere Smith joins the show to talk about her latest work, "Let Me Down Easy." One man tackling the homeless problem on his own. Reporter Kevin Ferguson spent a day with him and explains his quest. Meghan McCarty is on with "Weekend Alibi" - she's got tips on where to treat your ears to the music of Fela! and watch street fighters compete for a spot at the global championships in Korea. And the Dinner Party guys are back with news that will help you shine at your weekend gatherings.