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Sing along indie folk rock on new music Tuesday with Ann Powers

The Head and the Heart
The Head and the Heart
Hillary Harris/The Head and the Heart

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It's new music Tuesday. The day record companies release their new albums. Pop-Music critic for NPR, Ann Powers, is on with John, to talk about new releases from The Head and the Heart and The Belle Brigade. Two new folk indie rock albums that you'll just have to sing along to.

Song list:

*The Head and the Heart*
Song 1: Cats and Dogs
Song 2: Sounds like Hallelujah

*The Belle Brigade*
Song 1: Fasten You to Me
Song 2: Losers

HVN 213 The Head and the Heart - Sounds like Hallelujah by heavenlyrecordings

For full versions of the songs you can visit the bands MySpace pages:
The Head and the Heart
The Belle Brigade