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UCLA Student Fees

UCLA students about to be hit by tuition fee hikes.
UCLA students about to be hit by tuition fee hikes.
Jacob Margolis/KPCC

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It’s the first day of school for the more than 200,000 students who attend University of California campuses. And this year, they’re paying more for their higher education. Last spring, the UC Regents increased tuition by $2500, in response to cuts in state funding. There were lots of student protests over the fees, which increase tuition costs about about 30 per cent.

Reporter Steve Proffitt spent some time on the UCLA campus. Most of the students he talked with say they’re not happy about the fee hikes, but they’re managing. Still, he found that for many, the increasing cost of education means students are taking a harder look at what they decide to study, and how they go about financing their schooling.