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Potter Lessons

The second book in the Harry Potter series.
The second book in the Harry Potter series.
Arthur A. Levine Books / Scholastic Press

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Welcome to Harry Potter and The Chamber of . . . Tolerance?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Harry Potter’s not only powerful enough to defeat Voldemort, he can also fight bigotry!  So says a series of studies from England and Italy.

Meet researcher Loris Vezzali.  In one study, he and colleagues had 34 Italian schoolchildren answer a questionnaire about immigration.  

After that, they met with a researcher to read excerpts from the Potter books.  One group focused on passages about prejudice and bigotry; the other read unrelated sections of the book.

The children then answered more questions about immigrants.  Results?  Kids who had read the bigotry-based Potter passages showed an increase in empathy towards immigrants.  Especially those who identified with Harry.  

The team did two similar experiments:  One with high school students and their views on homosexuals.  And another with college students and their views on refugees.  After a bit of Potter, attitudes changed faster than the flick of a quidditch stick!

I guess you could say the results were just . . . magical.

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