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Which hits harder: bourbon vodka? Stay tuned.

Bourbon! Vodka! Labs gone wild!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Researchers from Brown University recently pondered one of life's most intoxicating questions: which gives a worse hangover, bourbon or vodka?

To find out, they recruited 95 healthy, willing, and able young people ready to overindulge - in the name of science. Some subjects drank vodka, others drank bourbon, and the rest partied with tonic water.

After they exceeded the legal intoxication limit, the participants were hooked up to sleep monitors and sent to bed. Next morning, all were roused at 7 am and asked about their hangovers.

People who drank bourbon - let's call them bourbonites - reported worse headaches and more nausea than those who downed vodka. Both groups had to suffer in turn the cheery disposition of the unaffected tonic-water group.

What's wrong with bourbon? The scientists say the brown whiskey contains 37 times more toxic compounds - like acetone and acetaldehyde - as vodka.

Scientific conclusion? For milder hangovers, stick to clear liquors.

And my scientific conclusion? I guess college is still as fun as it used to be. And not just at Spring Break. Ow.

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