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“Kajillionaire” Writer And Director Miranda July Shares Her Vision For The Perfect LA Con Family

Director Miranda July on the set of
Director Miranda July on the set of "Kajillionaire."
Focus Features/"Kajillionaire" (2020)

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What does it take to be a kajillionaire? Is it worth trying? Miranda July’s new film “Kajillionaire” shows us how through the trials and tribulations of a con-artist family whose livelihood relies on their schemes.

Writer and director Miranda July has graced the big screen with films like “Me and You and Everyone We Know” and “The Future.” Her new film starring Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez is an exploration of family relationships and morality with LA as the perfect backdrop for these conflicting characters. John Horn spoke with July about her new film and what she hopes audiences will take away from it.

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Miranda July, actress, writer and director; her new film “Kajillionare” is out this week; she tweets @Miranda_July