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Actors’ union calls for nixing auditions in private hotel rooms or residences

Beverly Hills Hotel, California, United States
Beverly Hills Hotel, California, United States
Photo by Mark Weston via Flickr Creative Commons

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The union representing actors is calling for an end to a practice that over the years has been fairly common in Hollywood: holding auditions in private hotel rooms or residences.

The guideline is part of a larger expansion of SAG-AFTRA’s Code of Conduct, which was unveiled in February and seeks to address and change some of the industry practices that led to predatory behavior by Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood figures who are accused of using their power and status to sexually harass and abuse women. In addition to the call for an end to “professional meetings in private hotel rooms or residences,” the guideline says that if there is no reasonable alternative to an audition like this, members are encouraged to take a “support peer” for safety and support. The union has not said how it plans to enforce the guideline, though it is asking members who experience or witness any behavior that might constitute breach of contract.

We’ll talk with SAG-AFTRA’s president about the new guideline and hear reactions from AirTalk listeners in the film industry. If you work in the industry, what do you think of SAG-AFTRA’s new guideline and the impact it will have on how auditions are handled?


Gabrielle Carteris, president of SAG-AFTRA; she tweets @TheGabrielle_C