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How does watching a movie with someone else change the experience?

Audience watch through 3D glasses attends the
Audience watch through 3D glasses attends the "Premio Persol 3D Award & The Hole" premiere at the Sala Grande during the 66th Venice Film Festival on September 11, 2009 in Venice, Italy.
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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Popcorn? Check. Comfy seats? Check. Movie-buddy? Depends who...

There’s a lot more to movie magic than just the picture on screen. Sometimes the best theater experiences (or binge nights at home) really depend on who’s sitting right next to you. Enduring 90 minutes of terrible acting, corny plots and cringing CG can be completely worth it if you’re having a blast with the people by your side.

Maybe you’re a parent who loves watching your child squeal with delight during a tasteless kiddy film, or maybe you’ve survived - and actually enjoyed - a marathon of cheesy rom-coms with heartbroken friends. AirTalk wants to hear from you about which movies were made better by the osmosis-enjoyment of a film-watching buddy, and conversely, were there films that made you particularly uncomfortable because of who you watched them with?

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