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New biography delves into the life of scene-stealer Walter Brennan

"A Real American Character:The Life of Walter Brennan" by Carl Rollyson
University Press of Mississippi

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Walter Brennan was one of Hollywood’s most memorable Hollywood character actors.

But more so than his scene-stealing turns, it was his distinctive voice that audiences young and old will remember, a voice that has come to symbolize the genre of the American Western.

Brennan played the career-defining role of Grandpa in “The Real McCoys,” but his life was much more than the sum of his contributions to the movie industry.

Author Carl Rollyson includes hundreds of personal stories retold by Brennan's family and friends in the western icon's first published biography.


Carl Rollyson, author of “A Real American Character: The Life of Walter Brennan” (University Press of Mississipi, 2015)