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How movies such as 'Spotlight' and 'Nightcrawler' portray the news biz

A scene from the film
A scene from the film "Frost/Nixon."

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The Oscar buzz is growing for "Spotlight" as it expands into more theaters this weekend.

Based on the true story  of "The Boston Globe" investigating sexual abuse cover-ups by the Catholic Church, critics rank it as one of the best movies of all time about journalism.

AirTalk will look at how Hollywood portrays journalists and the business of news.

Which movies cut very close to the truth? Which characters are too heroic or too villainous?

Some notables to get you going: James L. Brooks' "Broadcast News" with Holly Hunter; "The Insider" about the "60 Minutes" expose of Big Tobacco; "Deadline - U.S.A." with Humphrey Bogart as a crusading editor.


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