A three-minute rundown of the best (and worst) of this week’s film releases, including the go-to movie for the weekend.
Hosted by Larry Mantle
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FilmWeek Marquee: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2,’ ‘The Lovers,’ ‘Risk’ and ‘Obit.’

Debra Winger and Tracy Letts star in
Debra Winger and Tracy Letts star in "The Lovers."
Robb Rosenfeld/Courtesy of A24

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Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Justin Chang and Christy Lemire review this week's most memorable releases.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (PG–13)

Justin: “In usual Hollywood fashion, this is more of the same, but it’s really hard I think to capture the lightness and the insouciant energy of the original ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ It felt very forced and overlong to me, this movie.”

Christy: “Part of the problem is they divide the Guardians into two different scenarios for much of the film, which depletes it of its energy. But darn that baby Groot is cute!”

The Lovers (R)

Justin: “This is a wonderful film about a very simple, funny, sad premise about a long-married couple who are having affairs and find themselves falling back in love. And Debra Winger — it’s so good to see her back on screen, and she and Tracy Letts are superbly matched.”

Christy: “It’s beautifully calibrated in its writing, and its acting and its tone, just a really great gem. Go find it.”

Risk (Unrated)

Justin: “As with ‘Citizen Four,’ Laura Poitras’s access to her subjects is just remarkable. I mean, that alone is reason enough to see this very compelling film.”

Christy: “This movie could not be more relevant to our recent presidential election, to hearings that are going on now in the Senate. It’s about what Julian Assange has been doing the last several years with WikiLeaks and releasing documents, and then ensconcing himself in the Ecuadorian Embassy, and it is a fascinating and complicated portrait.”

Obit (Unrated)

Justin: “If you love daily journalism or have ever worked in it, this documentary will be catnip for you. It’s just a really wonderful process movie and a terrific process movie, and a terrific look at how great writing happens on deadline.”

Christy: “Yes, it’s very affectionate, very intimate, and it’ll make you appreciate a very specific kind of very difficult journalistic writing.”