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Study: Life expectancy rates for whites without high school diplomas drop

 S. Jay Olshansky
S. Jay Olshansky
Courtesy of UIC School of Public Health

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Today, the New York Times reported on some surprising news about life expectancy.

A new study finds that the least-educated whites in the U.S. are dying sooner. They've lost four years since 1990. The average life span for a man without a high school diploma is now 67 and a half. And for a woman, it's 73 and a half.

"The magnitude of this decline we really weren't aware of [prior to the study]," lead researcher S. Jay Olshanksy told Madeleine Brand. He added that he found the results surprising and the exact causes aren't known.


S. Jay Olshanksy, the lead researcher from the University of Illiinois at Chicago.