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Apple set to release its latest iPhone

Three generations of iPhones side-by-side.
Three generations of iPhones side-by-side.
DaMongMan/flickr Creative Commons

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After months of rumors and photos of alleged prototypes, Apple is set to unveil a new iPhone tomorrow. It's not just consumers who are excited about the launch. Analysts at J.P. Morgan say sales of the new iPhone could measurably increase the nation's Gross Domestic Product by as much as 0.5 percent, that's $78 billion.

Meanwhile, questions remain about labor practices at plants in China, where the iPhone is assembled. New York Times staff writer Charles Duhigg has written a series of stories about working conditions in the plants.


Charles Duhigg, writer for the New York Times, and author of "The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business"