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New Music Tuesday: Latin Alternative with DJ Javier Estrada, Helado Negro and Astro

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For New Music Tuesday, Isabela Raygoza, music editor for Remezcla Magazine, and Josh Kun, Director of the Popular Music Project at USC Annenberg's The Norman Lear Center, review new Latin Alternative music.

Enrique Bunbury

Bunbury, a Spanish singer-songwriter who has been on the scene since 1984, releases his seventh album: "Licenciado Cantinas." Enrique Bunbury will play live at the Hollywood Paladium on November 20.

DJ Javier Estrada

The 25-year old DJ/producer from Monterrey, Mexico, got his start as a heavy metal drummer. Since going solo, Estrada has written more than 700 tracks, and roughly 430 songs in the past three years.

Helado Negro

The son of Ecuadorean immigrants, Roberto Carlos Lange was born in South Florida in 1980. Pounding bass beats from passing cars, boom boxes bouncing down the block, and late-night parties called "peñas" provided a foundation for Lange's interest in sound and lifelong quest to discover the unlimited variety of objects used to produce music.