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New Report Finds Alien Solar System Looking For Other Planets Could Soon Spot Earth

A photo illustration of the Earth moving around the sun.
A photo illustration of the Earth moving around the sun.
OpenSpace/American Museum of Natural History

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A new report published in the journal Nature found that a solar system of Earth-sized planets orbiting a dim star could soon have the proper vantage point to view Earth.

However, if there is life on those planets, and if they have the same capabilities as humans do to peek into the stars, they are still about three decades away from viewing us. But after that time, the stars will have moved enough so that anyone viewing our sun would be able to observe the slight dimming that occurs when Earth moves in front of it. No one knows, of course, whether intelligent life exists on other planets, though planets with Earth-like conditions have been observed. The universe is massive, and the extent of exploration that humans have so far been able to execute is miniscule.

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Jackie Faherty, senior scientist and senior education manager at the American Museum of Natural History, and co-author of the report; she tweets @jfaherty