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After Gates’ Divorce, We Discuss Rise in ‘Gray Divorce’ And Impact On Adult Children

In this screengrab, Melinda Gates and Bill Gates speak during
In this screengrab, Melinda Gates and Bill Gates speak during "One World: Together At Home" presented by Global Citizen on April, 18, 2020.
Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen

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Bill and Melinda Gates said Monday that they are divorcing but would keep working together at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the largest charitable foundations in the world.

Their split after 27 years of marriage came as a shock to some, but it’s reflective of recent trends in so-called “gray divorce.” According to reporting in the WSJ, even though the overall U.S. divorce rate in the last few decades has gone down, it’s doubled among couples 50 and older. 

And for adult children, navigating the divorce of their parents can be very difficult, despite perception that it should be “easier” than for a minor. If you got divorced over the age of 50, we want to hear from you about the experience. And if you’re an adult child of divorce, what was it like dealing with your parents split? Call us at 866-893-5722.

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Carol Hughes, Ph.D., licensed marriage and family therapist, collaborative divorce coach, neutral child specialist and mediator based in Laguna Hills, Orange County; she is the co-author of “Home Will Never Be the Same Again: A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce” (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers; June 2020)