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How To Deal With Election Stress And Challenging Political Conversations Today And Beyond

A woman stressed at work.
A woman stressed at work.
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This year has been one for the books when it comes to stress and anxiety. A global pandemic, widespread racial justice protests and now one of the most divisive elections in our nation’s history. Tuesday is the last day to vote, with more than half of California’s registered voters casting their ballot early, according to the Los Angeles Times

The nation is on edge as people wait to find out who will hold office within the next few months. It could also be several days or weeks until we know the results due to an increase in mail-in voting. That doesn’t mean the system is broken or corrupted, but it could mean extended worries and stress. 

Today on AirTalk, we’re discussing how to manage election stress today and in the coming weeks, even months. We want to hear from you. Do you have specific plans for coping with your political anxiety? A calming bubble bath? A glass of wine? Exercise? Or do you have questions about how to destress?  To join the conversation call us at 866-893-5722. 


Tania Israel, professor of counseling psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara, author of “Beyond Your Bubble: How to Connect Across the Political Divide,” (APA LifeTools, 2020); she tweets @Tania_Israel