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Polls Show Gen Z’ers Are Not The Biggest Sports Fans

Child watches video of River Plate on his mobile phone at his home in Costa Eperanza slum.
Child watches video of River Plate on his mobile phone at his home in Costa Eperanza slum.

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Sports are a billion dollar industry, and with more viewing access to the hundreds of different competitions out there, it’s a really great time to be a sports fan right now. But polls show that for Gen Z, an up-and-coming consumer market, they aren’t as crazed about sports as many would have thought.

According to a poll conducted by the Morning Consult, they found that people ages 13-23 were less likely to identify themselves as sports fans than the general population. The most popular sports competitions among this age group were the NFL and NBA, while the least popular were the NHL and WNBA. Gen Z’ers also demonstrated stark viewing habits from other age demographics regarding how and how often they watch sports. Many were less likely to watch a sporting event live. This has challenged sports franchises to market their teams, events and access to different viewing options to cater to this new generation of consumers.

Today on AirTalk, we look into how the popularity of sports has differed between generations and what sports franchises should do to grab the attention of new viewing markets. Do the results of this survey surprise you? Are you a part of Gen Z and consider yourself a sports fan? What do you think sports franchises can do to attract the viewership of Gen Z’ers? Let us know by calling 866-893-5722.


Alex Silverman, senior reporter covering the business of sports for the Morning Consult; he tweets at @AlexMSilverman