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‘Servant Of Pod:’ A Podcast All About The Rapidly Evolving World Of Podcasts

Nick Quah, host of
Nick Quah, host of "Servants of Pod."
Nick Quah

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It might sound kind of strange: A podcast about podcasts. Podcast fanatics rejoice because it’s here. This week, LAist Studios launched “Servant of Pod with Nick Quah.” 

The podcast is a weekly deep dive into the evolving world of podcasts. Throughout the episodes, Nick looks at podcast news and culture and talks with various producers in the industry. He’ll also get into the major geographic trends and changes as the industry has evolved, genre popularity, the evolution of music production and theme songs and much more. Plus, Nick and guests will recommend shows to check out along the way. To kick things off, Nick tries to build a (very) brief picture of where the podcast world is right now with the help of "Team Coco’s" Adam Sachs and Earios co-founder Priyanka Mattoo. He also gets advice on how to be a decent podcast host from a great podcast host: "Death Sex and Money’s" Anna Sale. Today on AirTalk, Larry talks with Quah about the new show and what listeners can expect. 

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Nick Quah, host of the new LAist Studios podcast,”Servant of Pod,” which explores the evolving world of podcasts; he tweets @nwquah