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Mayor Garcetti Interview: Calls For Defunding The Police, The Latest On Reopening LA

Mayor Eric Garcetti answers questions from the media at City Hall Aug. 4, 2014.
Mayor Eric Garcetti answers questions from the media at City Hall Aug. 4, 2014.
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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has defended himself from criticism on both sides following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis: from protesters and activists who say the mayor has defended LAPD officers, despite their aggressive tactics on peaceful demonstrators; and from the LAPD union, which said the mayor has not defended or supported them enough.

Following nationwide cries to “defund police,” Garcetti now says he wants to redirect $250 million from the city's budget towards health and education in the black community and other communities of color, adding that he is listening to "what people are saying" about racial inequities in society. He directed the city administrative officer to find the cuts, which he said would come from every department, including the LAPD. Garcetti also promised concrete changes to how the LAPD operates. Activists have also filed a lawsuit calling on L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer to dismiss charges against peaceful protesters arrested for curfew violations or failure to disperse.

Feuer now says they won’t face jail or fines, but I want them to talk it out with the police. While Feuer will not file charges, his office said in a statement that it "will be creating opportunities for violators to participate" in a “non-punitive” process outside of the courts that in some cases would bring protesters together with police “to directly share their experiences and views.” This week, Garcetti tweeted that he agreed with Feuer’s decision. Today on AirTalk, Larry talks with Garcetti about the latest with mass anti-police brutality protests and where the city stands in battling the coronavirus pandemic. 

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