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High Court Watchers Highlight Notable Cases To Be Heard By US Supreme Court In Coming Months

US Supreme Court justices arrive for the State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC
US Supreme Court justices arrive for the State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC

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For a Supreme Court that says it has an allergy to politics, the next few months might require a lot of tissues.

The court is poised to issue campaign-season decisions in the full bloom of spring in cases dealing with President Donald Trump’s tax and other financial records, abortion, LGBT rights, immigration, guns, church-state relations and the environment. The bumper crop of political hot potatoes on the court’s agenda will test Chief Justice John Roberts’ insistence that the public should not view the court as just another political institution. The justices gathered last week for the first time in nearly a month to put the finishing touches on opinions in cases that were argued in the fall and decide what new cases to take on. Most prominent among the possibilities is the latest dispute over the Obama-era health care overhaul, but there are also important cases involving abortion, federal protections from workplace discrimination due to age and race, religious freedom, and even President Trump’s tax and financial records.

Today on AirTalk, we’ll hear from two Supreme Court watchers about some of the biggest cases the justices will hear and which important ones might be flying under the radar as a result.

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Amy Howe, co-founder of SCOTUSBlog and author of the blog “Howe on the Court”; she tweets @AHoweBlogger 

Kimberly Robinson, U.S. Supreme Court reporter for Bloomberg Law and co-host of Bloomberg Law’s podcast “Cases and Controversies”; she tweets @KimberlyRobinsn