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New Bill Proposes Longer Sentences For Porch Pirates

Packages stand on a conveyor for delivery.
Packages stand on a conveyor for delivery.
Michele Tantussi/Getty Images

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Porch pirates -- they’re the thieves who go onto someone’s porch and steal their unopened packages. And the number of porch pirates has only increased in recent years with the rise of online shopping. 

Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) sees porch piracy as an “epidemic,” is trying to solve the problem by imposing harsher sentences. Senate Bill 979, which Jones introduced this week, would allow judges to sentence porch pirates to up to three years in county jail for repeat offenses.

Currently, stealing packages is a misdemeanor punishable by less than one year in jail. We’re taking calls from our listeners. Will this work to stop package thieves? Do you think the punishment matches the crime? Call us at 866-893-5722 to weigh in. 


Brian Jones (R-38th District), California state senator representing the 38th District, which includes portions of San Diego and inland San Diego County, he’s the author of Senate Bill 979; he tweets @SenBrianJones

Rebecca Edwards, senior security expert at Safewise, a website that reviews and rates home security and safety products; Safewise just released a report on the top cities across the U.S. for porch pirating; she tweets @sushiira