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Should There Be A Car-Free Zone On Broadway In Downtown LA?

City Councilman José Huizar is spearheading the
City Councilman José Huizar is spearheading the "Bringing Back Broadway" initiative.
Nuran Alteir/KPCC

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L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar proposed a motion for the city to study the possibility of making Broadway car-free between First and 12th streets downtown.

Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway plan has already improved the pedestrian experience by widening sidewalks and adding landscaping, lighting and street furniture to walkways. This would take it a step further by closing off vehicular traffic completely and allowing only pedestrians, bikes, scooters and public transportation. If passed, Huizar’s motion would instruct the Economic & Workforce Development Department to report on the feasibility of such a plan, with special consideration given to the protection of Broadway’s historic theaters. A similar plan has been proposed for Hollywood Boulevard, and San Francisco recently implemented a largely car-free zone on Market Street.

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We reached out to Councilmember Jose Huizar but he was unable to join AirTalk for an interview at this time


Alissa Walker, urbanism editor for Curbed, she’s based in LA and has been writing about car free zones; she tweets @awalkerinLA

Ellen Riotto, executive director of the South Park Business Improvement District, which supports safety and cleanliness for residents and workers in the South Park neighborhood downtown; she tweets @ellenriotto