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One Size Fits None: Are Standardized Clothing Sizes Just A Fantasy?

The Guess logo is seen on a pair of jeans in a window display at a Guess store.
The Guess logo is seen on a pair of jeans in a window display at a Guess store.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Finding the right size in clothing can be a major pain. Sizes aren’t standard and vary from brand to brand. It can make shopping online even more difficult and increases industry costs thanks to returned items, according to a recent piece from the Wall Street Journal

Online size charts can only be so helpful, and some experts say universal size charts would cause unforeseen issues, as presented in a Vox article looking at the sizing problems in the clothing industry. Some companies are trying to remedy the issue by using data to help online consumers find the best sizes and fits. But is there really a true fix to this overwhelming issue? It’s complicated. Today on AirTalk, we discuss clothing sizes, industry consequences, potential remedies and personal woes. We want to hear from you. How does size variation impact you? Do you stick to certain brands because of the complicated nature of sizing? Do you stay away from online shopping? Join the conversation by calling 866-893-5722. 


Christopher Moore, chief analytics officer with True Fit, a data-driven company that assists consumers in finding the right clothing size and fit