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As LA’s Plastic Straw Ban Enters Second Phase, We Check In With How You’re Faring

Bubble tea straws displayed in a restaurant.
Bubble tea straws displayed in a restaurant.
Wayne Noffsinger/Flickr Creative Commons

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Starting tomorrow, customers will have to ask for plastic straws in all Los Angeles restaurants—from mom and pops to fast food chains.

According to ABC 7 this is the second phase of the “Straws on Request” initiative that began rolling out in April this year. This second phase will encompass smaller businesses. The initiative is the beginning of a larger campaign to remove plastic straws in LA entirely, to reduce single-use plastic waste in the environment. 

If you own a restaurant or a business that supplies straws to customers, how are you handling the new requirements? As a customer, how do you feel about restrictions on plastic straws? What do you think of alternatives, like paper straws and plastic lids? Share your thoughts with Larry Mantle by calling 866-893-5722.


Shelley Luce, President and Chief Executive Officer of Heal the Bay, the Santa Monica based nonprofit that focuses on issues impacting the ocean and the coastline