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New Poll: Trump Has Recreated The Republican Party. Is That Good Or Bad For His Re-election Campaign?

The symbol of the Republican party
The symbol of the Republican party

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A new poll out from the USC Dornsife Center and the Los Angeles Times illustrates President Donald Trump’s dominance in the Republican party. It finds that more than four out of 10 Republicans believe the party should continue moving in a populist direction, with only about a quarter of respondents saying it should take a “more traditionally conservative” route.

Although the poll demonstrates the impact Trump has had on the party, it also shows how he has alienated a portion of the Republican party, with about 12 percent of Republicans saying they’d be unsatisfied with seeing him reelected. The Trump campaign is in for a challenge, considering that he won 2016’s election by a slim margin and he’s driven away a good chunk of independent voters. So, according to the poll, the majority of eligible voters wouldn’t be happy to see him reelected.


Robert Shrum, Director of the USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future