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A Look At The Challenges Of #MeToo In The High School Setting

Sexual harassment in high school and educational institutions
Sexual harassment in high school and educational institutions

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#MeToo took the world by storm nearly two years ago, giving people who’ve experienced sexual assault or harassment the platform the share their personal stories. Those stories have been shared in a number of settings, including Hollywood, the workplace and schools. Writer Sarah Fuss Kessler followed the story of a teacher at Golden Valley High School, who detailed her #MeToo experience and how it the allegations were handled. The piece, “The Teacher. The Basketball Coach. The Dead Rat In the Mail. Inside the #MeToo crisis and cover up sparked at Golden Valley High,” quickly goes beyond the teacher’s experience and sheds light on a number of other experiences from employees and students.

Guest host Libby Denkmann sits down with the writer and other experts to look at #MeToo in the high school setting.  

With guest host Libby Denkmann.


Sarah Fuss Kessler, a freelance writer and editor; her latest piece, for Medium's new political publication, GEN, is about a high school #MeToo uprising in Merced; she tweets @SarahFussKesslr

Sue Bendavid, lawyer at Encino-based law firm Lewitt Hackman, who represents companies and management in sexual harassment allegations; she also counsels private schools in best practices for handling allegations; she tweets @SBendavidEsq

Scott Lewis, a partner with TNG, a think tank in Pennsylvania that consults with schools, colleges and workplaces to reduce violence and misconduct; he's also the co-founder of the Association for Title IX Administrators;