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Here’s Your Sign! AirTalk Listeners Share The Most Iconic Signs In Southern California

The "happy" side of the Foot Clinic sign in Echo Park

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Some of them captivate us with their alluring neon glow as we whiz by them on the freeway. Others are just so big and in-your-face they can’t be avoided. And still others are unique or quirky enough that they’ve garnered their own local cult following. We’re talking, of course, about Southern California’s various and sundry signs.

“Ok, AirTalk staff, I’ll bite,” you’re saying. “Why talk about signs on a random Monday in July?” We’re so glad you asked! The Los Angeles Times’ Frank Shyong wrote a piece in Monday’s edition of the paper profiling the Happy Foot Sad Foot Sign at the corner of Sunset Blvd and Benton Way in Echo Park. Local legend has it that the sign is somewhat of a fortune cookie or lucky penny -- if you see it on the happy side, you’re in for a good day. If you see it on the sad side...well, you get the idea. Frank’s piece got us thinking about what the most iconic and well known signs across Southern California are! Sure, the Hollywood sign is an obvious answer, but there are plenty of others worth mentioning, like the Randy’s Donuts sign in Inglewood, the Felix Chevy sign along the 110 freeway near downtown Los Angeles, Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank and of course the Capitol Records sign atop its headquarters in Hollywood.

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